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(Year-end Promotion) LED High Bay Lights

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Built-in microwave motion sensor, that can sense objects within 50ft of the diameter of LED high bay light and automatically switch to 100% brightness .after leaving,to dim to stand-by level 30% brightness.This function can reduce much unnecessary energy wastes.

The sensor switches on the light automatically when presence is detected.

The high bay light keeps the full load on 5 min when the presence is not detected.

The light dims to stand-by level if the presence is not detected after 5 min. The light fixture is turned off after The standby is to keep 60 min.

Adiding Shark series led high bay light has passed DLC energy efficiency certification, and 150W uses 336 high light efficient chips, realizing the whole light efficiency of 150 lm/W. The total luminous flux reaches 22500 lumens, which is equivalent to the traditional 600W high-pressure sodium lamp and can save energy up to 80%.

With the perfect radial design, high bay led lighting - The shark series uses thickened all-aluminum die-cast housing, hollow design, and ultra-thin light-emitting surface to improve heat dissipation performance and ensure stable operation of the light source. The high light transmission annular mask is made of PC material, which makes the light soft and not dazzling, and reduces the glare of high bay light.

Adiding high bay led light is IP65 grade, impervious and waterproof; Suitable for lighting in warehouses, workshops, exhibition halls, logistics centers, etc. This UFO high bay light has passed UL's authoritative certification and is safe to use.

The effortless 3-minute installation process will save you the headaches and frustration that other light installations cause. This will save you time and energy to work on other projects! Adiding high bay ceiling lights can be used indoors or outdoors. Ideal for factories, warehouses, garages, and high bay needs like gym, shops, and shopping malls.

Adiding high bay lights are specially customized with US hooks for easy installation. You only need to rotate the hook to the lamp, then connect the hook to the hanger and tighten the screw. There is no need to purchase additional accessories to easily complete the installation of the fixture.

come with a motion sensor. Screw on the sensor and it works automatically, only takes 3 seconds, no need for extra complex wring.

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Where you can use LED high bay light black?

You will see an LED high bay light black in facilities that have high ceilings and that can be more than twenty feet. Commonly this type of LED high bay light black is seen in warehouses, airplane hangars, gymnasiums, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

Good quality of LED high bay light has reflectors and optics so that they can provide a more uniform light beam over a large area. Due to these reflectors and optics, the lights can eliminate shadows and dark areas.

You will generally get 150watt high bay light, 200-watt high bay lights, and LED high bay light 100w. The 150watt high bay light is used in playgrounds and stadiums. You will see that the 200-watt high bay lights are used in warehouses and garages. And you can use the LED high bay light 100W in the 10’-14’ ceiling buildings.

The LED lights also help increase the productivity of workers as they can see fine details and color contrasts better. The chances of causing mishaps, which generally take place in case of poor lighting, can be reduced.

The demand for LED high bay light black is increasing rapidly because of its low maintenance cost. Its durability and longevity is also another major factor for its increasing demand in the market.


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