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The Multi-Use Flashlight 9 Functions With a Single Mission: Keeping You Safe

If MacGyver made a flashlight, it’d be this one.

Your weighs less than 1 lb. and is water resistant. So it can go pretty much anywhere with you. And since the charges endlessly in the sun… you’ll never need to buy batteries again.

It’s a great value and has a surprising collection of features hidden inside its compact frame.

Whether you’re in a blackout, going camping or headed to the basement… this is the solar flashlight you can rely on to keep you safe.

Here’s just a few of the valuable features that the Flashlight delivers.

3 Different Light Modes For Maximum Convenience
An ultra-bright flashlight with high and low settings. Plus strobe! An SOS Flasher for safety on the road. And a work-light function with magnetic mount, for times when you need to have both hands free.

You’ll have the right kind of light when you need it most…

  • Ultra-Bright Flashlight: Sees up to 200 meters away & nearly blinds your attackers.
  • Red SOS Flasher: Red lights help you get seen & rescued. Perfect road companion.
  • Work Light with 2 Settings: Magnetic mount for when you need two hands… like changing a flat tire.

Designed with Your Survival in Mind

In addition to being a battery-free solar flashlight that you can charge in the sun or use as a backup power source...

Your flashlight also includes built-in survival* tools:

IP65 Waterproof Rating
Dust-tight and still works when wet. Perfect for outdoor work and true crisis situations. We’ve plunged it into ice water and threw it in the snow. The Flashlight still works!

Charge for FREE Using the Sun
Your Flashlights are rechargeable – you can drain them down and charge them up thousands of times. But you don’t need electricity or batteries.

Every Flashlights has a 50 mAh solar panel built right into the handle. Not to mention, the battery inside the Flashlights is ultra-powerful (2000 mAh)2 and ultra-safe. You’ll always have power as long as you have the sun.

“Fast Recharge” with Any USB
You can “fast charge” using the included micro-USB cord if you have electricity. Use it to plug your Flashlight into your computer, USB car charger or wherever you charge your phone.

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