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(NEW YEAR SALE) Solar Motion Sensor Security Flood Light

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Light Up Those Dark Areas Around Your Home And Increase Your Home Security With Solar Motion Sensor Security Flood Light - Super Easy To Install, Adjustable And Ultra Bright!

Light up those dark areas around your home, increase security and enjoy some peace of mind! Looking for the perfect outdoor security light for your garden, driveway, patio or yard? Look no further! Our new solar security light with the widest illumination coverage and the latest LED technology for maximum brightness.

Ultra bright and adjustable, perfect for all outside areas - Our new Solar Security Flood Lights are designed with the latest COB LED technology that make them brighter than regular LED lights. Unlike other security lights in the market, they're designed with 360° rotatable split head lights so you can easily adjust them and direct the light where you need it. This split spot light design is sure to give you the widest illumination coverage like no other.

Can be installed under 10 minutes - no cables, no wires, no stress! You don't need to deal with wires or hire someone to do it. Simply mount the included base bracket on any flat surface using the included screws, and then slip the light and solar panel assembly on and done! All you need is a screwdriver.

Smart and sensitive motion sensors - Our light comes with state of the art infrared smart motion sensors that will pick up the slightest movement within 16 ft / 5 meters range and turn the lights on instantly. Also, the light has a power-saving built-in light sensor that turn off the light during the day and only activate the light in the dark. This means that you don't have to do anything or switch it on or off everyday - just install it and forget about it!

Waterproof, frost-proof, heat-resistant and super durable - Our new innovative solar security lights are designed for outdoor use and is suitable for use in all climates (the unit needs at least 3 - 4 hours of sunlight exposure during the day to charge up). It comes with a high capacity 1200 (mAh) built-in battery so when it's fully charged, it can provide lighting for 8 to 9 hours.

Low cost, energy efficient and environment friendly lighting - These amazing solar outdoor lights are powered by environmentally friendly solar energy which makes them the most cost effective lighting solution for your on the market. Once you buy them, they won't cost your a cent more to run! 


-- The Solar Lights Outdoor are made of premium ABS, IP65 waterproof rating, heat-resistant, frost resistant, great outdoor security night light for patio, garden, lawns, deck, yard, drive, outside wall, fence, etc. It's specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.



-- 1: Security Mode (motion sensor turns the light on and off automatically) -- 2: Smart Brightness Control Mode (the light stays all night, it turns brightest when detects motion and turns into 10% brightness when people leave) -- 3: No Induction Mode (30% brightness constant light ).



-- High Power Daylight(6500K)LED with 270 degree beam angle,provide maximum illumination for large spaces



--1. integrated installation, our wireless motion sensor lights can be easily mounted on walls with sweeps. --2. Separate installation, install solar panels in sunny places, and install lights in needed places.

【Remotely Control】

The switch can be controlled by remote control and the sensor mode of light can be changed.

☀ Solar Lamp Integrated-122 SMD

☀ Solar Lamp Separation-122 SMD

☀ Solar Lamp Integrated-108 SMD

☀ Solar Lamp Separation-108 SMD

☀ Solar Lamp Integrated-138 SMD

☀ Solar Lamp Separation-138 SMD

☀ Solar Lamp Integrated-171 COB

☀ Solar Lamp Separation-171 COB

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