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Pedal pain or discomfort?


Do you know that annoying sensation of pain or discomfort that it causes when we pedal for several hours in a row?

Or from vibrations and impacts when pedaling on uneven or pitted terrain?

With our powerful Bike Shock Absorber you are free from all the pain or discomfort that afflicts all cyclists!

The only one that softens vibrations and impacts caused by the terrain we are riding on, making your bike smoother and keeping your body healthy!


The Bike Shock Absorber makes your cycling much more comfortable and keeps your body healthy.


Thanks to our incredible Shock Absorber technology, your back literally "sticks" to the seat and doesn't constantly change position.

This allows you to apply less effort by getting more performance and avoiding injury and injury.

Absorbs impacts in 3 dimensions

Its system dampens vertical and horizontal impacts and vibrations, and adjusts to the curvature of the spine during pedaling.

Works perfectly on any terrain

It makes your ride much more comfortable on all terrains, on the asphalt or in the mountains, in the city or on the trails.

Suitable for all types of bicycles

Suitable for all people up to 150 kg

Easy installation and adjustment

You can easily adjust in just 1 minute without complications.

Great positioning for any modality

You can easily switch between mode positions in just 1 minute.


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